2 GB Digital Voice Recorder With Voice Detection Activation – The Latest Technology of Today!

PRODUCT REVIEW: The Micro Digital Voice Recorder with 2 Gigabytes Built-In Memory & FM RadioKey Features: 2 GB memory, FM Radio and Digital Voice & Sound Detection
MSRP: $150
Street Price Range: $75 – $125
Weight (with battery):Overall Rating: 9 out of 10 (Highly Recommended)
Quality of Voice Recordings: 8 out of 10
Ease of Use: 9 out of 10
Product Build: 9 out of 10
Value: 10 out of 10The 2 GB. Micro Digital Voice Recorder W/ FM Radio represents the current state of the art for mini voice recorders, and earns its “Highly Recommended” rating by way of its high quality voice recordings, small size, ease of use, and tremendous value vs. other competing brands.Pocket digital voice recorders are typically used by students for recording lectures, while doctors, lawyers, paralegals, private detectives, police detectives, accountants and people of various professions use these devices for business and personal dictation to just about anyone for any personal type of use at home as well.The 2 GB. Micro Digital Voice Recorder W/ FM Radio is about the size of a cigarette lighter, and features automatic voice and sound detection activation. This feature enables the recorder to continue much longer than the 8-10 hours of straight recording capability that it normally records on a single charge through its built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery. It comes with a portable USB/AC power adapter that can plug into your computer for a recharge or, even easier, the USB cable can be plugged into the included AC adapter plug, which then plugs into a regular electric wall outlet to then charge the battery. When voice activation mode is enabled, the highly sensitive voice/sound detection activates the recorder; so the recorder does not need to be continually turned on and off. Simply narrate/speak, and the digital voice recorder will record every word you dictate, hands-free. When you stop speaking (narrating) ideas, the recorder stops and goes back into energy saver mode, which conserves battery life of the lithium battery. By doing this, the recorder should last for approximately 15 hours on a full charge.The Micro Digital Voice Recorder has three different types of recording modes; LP – Long time recording (ACT Format), SP – Standard Recording (normal mode, WAV format) and HP – High Quality recording (WAV format). The 2 gigabytes of built-in memory provides 560 hours of straight recording (without the voice detection activation option) on LP (Long Play); 140 hours in SP (Standard Play), and 66 hours in HP (High Quality) mode.Aside from voice recording capabilities, the Micro Digital Voice Recorder can also be used as a USB flash disk drive for saving data, storing MP3s, and for transferring important data from one computer to another computer. The Digital Recorder includes mini headphones to listen to all of your recordings and for playing back MP3 music recordings that you transfer from your computer to your digital voice recorder via the included USB cable. The Digital Voice Recorder also has a built-in FM Radio.Some users will appreciate the fact that the Micro Digital Voice Recorder can record important phone conversations by way of an included telephone line mini adapter. Further, if the recorder is set to automatic voice detection activation mode, a phone conversation can be instantly recorded as soon as a call is answered, hands-free, without having to press the record button.I found that the quality of voice recordings and MP3 music files to be of excellent sound quality overall, and that the storage capability provided by the 2 GB of memory was more than adequate for all uses I encountered. The bottom line is that you should be more than satisfied with the build and quality of the Micro Digital Voice Recorder.Whatever use you may need it for, the Micro Digital Voice Recorder is a versatile, user-friendly, and an outstanding bargain in the Digital Voice Recorder section of the marketplace. It earns a “Highly Recommended” rating based on quality, size, capacity, and price.

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